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Warranty Policy

Repaired Electronics:

    All Repairs and Upgrades performed by ServoTech Electronics carry a 6 month limited warranty. This warranty covers all electronics repaired and upgraded by ServoTech Electronics.

Designs and Products:

    All products designed and produced by ServoTech Electronics carry a one-year limited warranty and are subject to all of the below terms and conditions.

Surplus Electronics:

    All products sold as surplus by ServoTech Electronics are sold AS-IS and they may not be returned under any circumstances unless otherwise specified.


    Warranty only covers the device repaired, upgraded, designed or produced and will not cover any other parts of the machinery or other electronic products. ServoTech does not guarantee service if the device or parts installed were damaged by another part of the system or machine


    ServoTech Electronics shall under no circumstances be held liable for the costs associated with slowing or stopping of production, loss of time, operator, employee wages or loss of use.

Warranty Shipping:

    The customer is responsible for the shipping costs to and from our facility during a warranty service.


   ServoTech Electronics reserves the right to choose the resolution of the warranty claim from the following options:
    1. Repair of damaged component(s). Failure within 2 months of the original repair will get priority and will be addressed immediately. Others may be delayed for up to 7 days before they are addressed. Some exceptions may apply.
   2. Pro-rated refund of the original price calculated as following: R=(D-d)*P where R is the refund amount, D is the original warranty period in days, d is the number of days device worked reasonably well and P is the price paid by the customer for the original repair.
    Under normal conditions ServoTech Electronics will choose to repair the damaged device but in some instances this is impossible. Such cases include the loss of software and the damage of programmed microchips such as RAMs, PLDs and specialized ICs.

Loss of Warranty:

    The warranty will be rendered void and no claims may be made if the device has been tampered with or abused in any way. The following are the some main reasons for which an abuse clause may be stated but others may be brought up at any time by ServoTech Electronics.
    1. Mechanical Shock of any nature.
    2. Electrical Undervoltage, Overvoltage, Black-outs or Brown-outs
    3. Tampering with any part of the device other than the specified tuning points.
    4. Leakage of any fluid (indifferent of viscosity) on a device that is not meant to be used in a moist environment or is not designed to be submersible.
    5. Infiltration of metal shards, metallic dust or any other conductive material that came from the customer's environment.
    6. Any attempt to repair the device before, during or after making a warranty claim.
    7. Any use of the device outside the guidelines and/or parameters specified in the OEM manual.
    8. Any tampering with the label or seal placed by ServoTech Electronics.


    Some electronics contain programmable microchips such as EPROMS, EEPROMS, PLDs, PIC microcontrollers, battery-powered RAMs and others. ServoTech Electronics will attempt to protect such information but cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the software. ServoTech electronics can not and will not guarantee the software integrity of any electronic component, assembly or system. Best practices will be used by the engineers to avoid the loss of software but ultimately it is the customer's responsibility to reload the software on the device.

Other Disclaims:

    This warranty applies only to work done by ServoTech Electronics and will not be combined with any other warranties or claims from any other company or manufacturer. Please review our service warranty. The terms of this warranty are subject to change without notice. All claims made before any changes in the policy will be honored. Should you have any questions please contact us.