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Pricing Policy


    All our pricing is included in the REPAIR section of this website. If what you need to get repaired is not on that list we will need to have a look at it in order to evaluate the damage and the time and parts required to repair it. Please read below section on Estimates.


    If what you are sending us is not in our REPAIR list: Estimates are always free. This is not to be confused with a diagnostic. An estimate is simply the amount we believe the repair is going to cost. It does not involve a comprehensive diagnostic of the root cause of the failure.

Volume Discount:

    If you send two or more of the same device for repair at the same time a 10% discount will be applied to the price of those devices. Units must be repaired at the same time and be present on the same purchase order and packing slip.

Testing of Device:

    We treat all devices we get as defective. Therefore it is more complicated to find a problem that isn't there than to repair a problem that is obvious. Nevertheless if we determine a device is fully functional we will only invoice half the estimate amount and call it a "testing fee". There is no warranty on a device that was simply "tested".


    Customer is responsible for shipping of device to and from our shop unless otherwise arranged.

Device Abandonment:

    Any device left at our facility without customer contact for more that six months will be considered abandoned and may be recycled.

Other Terms and Conditions:

Satisfaction Guarantee:
    If we cannot repair a device, there shall not be any charges other than the travel time spent.

Definition of Repair:
    A repaired device is a device that functions to OEM specification on the hardware level. This implies that any defect in the software of the device will not be considered a defect.

Pricing Guarantee:
    We will guarantee to beat any other quote from a reputable repair company. If we do not, we will give you their price and take another 10% off. All prices are calculated in US Dollars

Job Termination:
    Should a customer wish to stop work before the repair is finished, customer will be billed pro-rated amount to the work that has been done.

Job Abandonment:
    Should ServoTech Electronics abandon a job due to technical or other difficulties the customer will not be invoiced.

Job Refusal:
    ServoTech Electronics reserves the right to refuse any jobs or work for a specific customer. A reason may be requested by the customer in writing.

Payment Methods:
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Wire Transfer, Cheque and Paypal.

Purchase Orders:
    A purchase order must be provided in writing before repair work commences. Should the customer's company not normally issue purchase orders, the quotation provided by us has to be signed and returned for the work to commence. By signing the quotation the customer agrees to the price and the terms and conditions provided in this document and in the Warranty Policy Document.